Sant Bhuriya Baba Goshala Harsolaw

About Goshala or Gaushala:

GoShala or GauShala, a Sanskrit word, means the adobe or sancturay for the cows and its progeny as calves and oxen. (In Sanskrit, Go or Gau means Cow, Shala means a sanctuary). Named after Sant Bhuriya Baba Go Seva Samiti.

Under the guidance of Villagers and with the help of hundreds of volunteers, Sant Bhuriya Baba Go Seva Samititoday cares for over 600* animals - including cows,  calves and bulls . 


The Goshala the Holy, intellectual & spiritual complex being made to know about our Universal Mother "THE COW" in our fast kaluga life. It is the concept of the need for dissemination of knowledge on which the center is based.


Sant Bhuriya Baba Go Seva Samiti (or Gaushala) is the sanctuary or the abode for old, sick, abandoned and stray animals, especially cows and its progeny.

Apart from this, the Goshala also rescues the animals meant for illegal and merciless slaughtering, after being transported in cattle lorries under extremely cruel conditions with no food and water for days, standing huddled together, stamped to unconsciousness or death, made to walk for miles with starvation.

The Goshala is run in the town of Harsolaw (located in the West Indian state of Rajasthan) and an effort to care for these kinds, innocent, gentle and lovely animals that today are the victims and a gainful conduit for so many unlawful means.

   In this Goshala, we are trying to serve the noble cause of cow protection in a humble way.  In this Goshala, the Cows, Bulls and Calves are looked after with great care and love.  These animals are never sold to slaughter houses or abandoned even when they become old.  They are maintained till the end of their lives very happily.



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